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sword fittings

Joe W.

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Well, this one has 10 crossovers and it takes 14mm of ito (wrap) to make each "diamond" so thats 140mm plus it takes one more time around to get the knot on the proper side so that's 147mm. The end caps are about 1/2" each (another 50mm) so this on was about 197mm or 7 and 3/4"....give or take.




Like Joe says, a little longer looks a little better to me but sometimes the blade is slight and the end caps (fuchi/kashira) are more delicate so it looks good at around 6" or so. But I have seen 10"-11" tsuka on waks and some that were so short my pinky fell off the end. It's all good depending on what you like.


Check out some of the antiques in the pictures on the web and calculate some of the ones you like....the wrapping is usually 7mm wide or so.



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