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This is to all that live in S.California. I am starting to do some japanese stuff. And I'm going to need some more stones. As I mentioned in another thread my wife has forbidden me from spending any more money until we have all the bills paid, $10,000.00 in the bank and the house payed off. Another way of saying she doesn't think my hobby is at all important, and I can never spend any more money on it. She already thinks I have more tools then anyone in the universe. Or that's how I read it. So my question is, Is there any place near L.A. that has a good selection of water stones. We have a little Tokyo here, so there should be some type of knife place there that should have stones. There is a Woodcraft store, but its down in Orange county somewhere. I need to be able to go there during work and get them so that my loving wife doesn't see another more package come to the house for a while. I work at JPL in Pasadena. So anywhere within an hour at the most will do. I thank you all in advance for any help.


Tony G :ph34r:

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