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tatara smelt at bush fire forge

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Some more photos,


I smile every time I look at this photo. Behind us is a roaring inferno and we are just standing around drinking beer and chatting, keeping one eye on whats going on. Most people by now would be running around in a blind panic with buckets of water.




Some more flames,






I was looking at the flame photos with an eye for doing something "arty" and found this. Is it our flame spirit ?.







And some of the bloom








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I like the first flame pic you posted... I see a dragon in the fire.




Is there any possibility you can email me a full-resolution version of it?


thetidewaterforge AT gmail.com




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Thats awesome, i did not even know that field existed, something for me to look into in grad school :).


Here ya go: http://www.hist-met.org/arch_comm.html. ;)


Wow, each round of pics just looks better and better!


You lucky so-and-so's. :P


Thanks for sharing the experience, all.

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they are lovly photo's I am really not such a good taker of photos so it was great to have Mick around and Jake who could both handle a camera .

I was particularly thrilled by finding coloured oxide in the bloom ! know its just an indication of what temp the steel was exposed to air at but it made me whoop with joy .

With the wootz class and forge in coming up next week I am finding it quite hard to consentrate on the mundane day to day aspects of work and the rest !

It has been a good month for meeting and heating!

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Jared has mentioned that our steel looks like crystals and it certainly sparkles. As an interesting point of reference here are two photo's of some Japanese tamahagane that was given to Owen. You can see from these photo's why it is sometimes referred to a Jewel Steel. This piece is about 2" wide.










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Amazing temper colours, sorry I missed it, though am finding out what a pita that stuff is like to forge into a proper steel keep up the good work guys

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And a few more,














you guys did some really good work there. i enjoyed the photos.


what type of iron sand did you begin wtih?


master chen and i smelt his own tamahagane. i have photos of that is anyone would like to see his work.


its the same but its different. riddle me that?

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