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"Water, or ice or winter"


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Truly awesome! I love the idea.

My life is like shaving with a razor sharp machete. It's a bit awkward and I feel a sting every now and then, but in the end I'm happy with the results.

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Words cannot express how absolutely amazed I am at your work. I looked at your site and can't believe how astonishingly beautiful your blades and sculptures are. I can only hope that my work looks a fraction like yours and I will be happy. Congratulations on your achievements and keep those beautiful blades coming. Maybe if I'm lucky one day I will get to photograph one of them for you.




 I have heard that those who celebrate life walk safely amongst the wild animals.

When they go into battle, they remain unharmed, the animals find no place to attack them

and weapons are unable to harm them.

Why? Because they find no place for death in them.


Shamanic Proverb

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  • 2 months later...
I think I have pictures of the step by step of the blade if someone want...


I for one would love to see the photos of this Umbo. Please share as many photos of the process as you have...


here is the beginning of the blade of the second element :Air


Air, wind, automn, yellow...

it's a single twist on 120 layers damascus.


This will be amazing as well I'm sure. The carving on the spine of this blade is fantastic. I can't wait to see the rest of the knife as it comes together.



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I also would love to see process pictures Umbo please!


Gorgeous work, the textures are stunning!

Let not the swords of good and free men be reforged into plowshares, but may they rest in a place of honor; ready, well oiled and God willing unused. For if the price of peace becomes licking the boots of tyrants, then "To Arms!" I say, and may the fortunes of war smile upon patriots

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WOW. hubba hubba.. that women is hot.. heh.. you work is amazing.. the talent on this forum is mad crazy.. hope some of it rubs off.. :) love it!!



i could complain but who would listen.



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Hi! sorry I had some problems...2009 is not a good year for me...

well, thanks at all!!!


I'm sorry, I lost the large part of the photography of the step by step... I just have this:



I first made a 120 layers billet, I made a big degressive (right word?) twist (1" x 1") and then I forged the blade...


here is the just beginning of the carved woman


Edited by umbo




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