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The knives I make are eco-friendly made from recycled materials.

The steel I use is Hi-carbon steel from old sawmill blades which I hand forge.

All my knives are selectively hardened and tempered.

I make knives on request, current knives can be viewed at Visit My Website


O.A.L. 205mm

Blade Length: 105mm

Blade composition:Hand forged hi-carbon steel

Blade width: 27mm

Spine: 3,5mm

Handle:steel guard, scales white ironwood insert, black ironwood rootstock

Handle length:100mm

Price: excl shipping USD: 195 SOLD





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My initials and signiture scroll are filed into the spine using good quality needle files, and a lot of care! ( practice on a mild steel bar first ) luckily I don't have dificult letters.

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