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Oni Cudgel

Stephen Renico

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Since I first saw it, I was inspired by Jake Powning's "Aged Beechroot Cudgel, named Woodsward":



Keeping that in mind, I was in the process of making a spike cudgel from a maple branch, when I happened to run across a picture of an Oni mask from a Noh drama. So, I got out my carving chisels and went to work. I incorporated the spikes into head by turning them into horns. A few coats of black stain, steel-wooled off on the high spots of the face, and this is the result:


Full shot. It's 31" in length:



The face:



Right side. I've found out after a few other carving experiments that you need to carve deeply halfway decent results:



Left side:






Full shot from the top:



Full shot from the bottom:


Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who did not.

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is the cudgel for sale ???? please pm me if thats the case......thank you for sharing

All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart,and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life's heart...

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Hrmm....very well done, but are you sure it's not one of the hobgoblins that's after Ty's gears? =P


ROFL :lol:


Nice looking cudgel Stephen, nice oni carving that is well done.

Let not the swords of good and free men be reforged into plowshares, but may they rest in a place of honor; ready, well oiled and God willing unused. For if the price of peace becomes licking the boots of tyrants, then "To Arms!" I say, and may the fortunes of war smile upon patriots

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Nice work, good job on the teeth.

Ben Potter Bladesmith



It's not that I would trade my lot

Or any other man's,

Nor that I will be ashamed

Of my work torn hands-


For I have chosen the path I tread

Knowing it would be steep,

And I will take the joys thereof

And the consequences reap.

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Looks good, I wish I could carve too. Wood's just not my thing. Jim

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