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Eisenhütten in Afrika

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Dear smelters,


this is a very good and interesting book about the different types of smelting furnaces in Africa, mainly in Niger, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Zaire. Lots of pictures and drawings with descriptions of the building, the material they use.... Also very interseting how they refine and clean the iron. This could be how fulad was invented!!!


The book is written in German and in French. Even if you can not understand those languages it is worth to get it. This is the link: http://www.metall-aktiv.de/shop/index.php?...ch=LISA_NR2=306


Go and get it,



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Thank's Cyrus!

Is the french part a translation of the german text or vice-versa?






it was translated from French into German but you have both texts there. It is absolutely interesting how different the furnaces are and you see alot of those furnaces. Forced air ones with hide and furnaces that work just with draft.


The adress above is the cheapest that I found and it is where I ordered my book from. On Amazon I found one for € 40!!!!


Regards, Cyrus

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