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Very cool Marco your friend does nice work, that would make a great sword pommel :)


Sam, yes it was designed to sword pommel, but the beak is too sharp and dangerous, a real killer for the hand.

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GJ my freind. The boys and I did something similar a few months back and did a little youtube video. Love the eagle! Keep up the great work my friend.

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That eagle looks great. It's impressive how the casting kept the wax details.

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Thanks guys :)


that is sooo cool ,could you show how you did the casting


Chuck, this is my way: I made a collection of photos of the main operations (I do not have all the operations of the same model and some photos and equipment are old).




1. I use different waxes and small homemade tools.

2nd the model is ready

3rd I apply the wax sprue

4th the model on the mold cap

5th homemade stainless steel mold

6th preparation of the investment, I use the vacuum machine for degassed investment

7th the mold is ready

8th the mold after wax off

9th mold burning, I use a kaowool gas forge...very simply

10th bronze in the crucible

11th the coal forge (homemade ;) ) in this picture is under construction

12th the molds on, it is powerful!

13th The cast bronze

14th bronze is cold, I use the vacuum machine for small details wax (of course, is homemade :lol: )

15th Now put the mold in cold water and clean the investment

16th the model just removed from the investment

17th cutting the sprue and clean with fine wire wool

18th put in the liver of sulfur for a dark patina

19th Clean with 0000 wire wool and oil for an antique look.


I am sorry if my description is brief, but my English is limited -_-

Hope you understand.

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