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1/4" x 1 1/2 1084


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The 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 1084 smelting date is Aug. 8, 2009. The rolling date within 2 weeks of that date. There is still time to Pre-Order at $3.80 per pound. If you are interested please contact me at njsteelbaron@gmail.com with your full name, address and phone#. The price goes to $4.00 # after the delivery is made.


Thank you,


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I opted in a month or so ago when you first posted about this upcomming run. I opted for 25 pounds and sent an email to you. Haven't heard back. I sent address and phone as requested. Email me the amount due with shipping and I'll do the paypal thing.



Jerry Fisher

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Hi Everyone,


I just was catching up with Aldo and noticed he's been too busy to do an update on the 1084. So i'll do my best to try to concentrate on that part of our conversation that pertained to the 1084.


robert washburn Posted Jul 31 2009, 08:13 AM

What length is this steel? Robert




The steel usually ships in four foot lengths at just over 5 lbs each. I haven't seen the new improved shipping containers, but my steel orders have never been short or damaged when I got them. Although I did need about a half a day just to get off all the duct tape from the original shipping method! :lol:


Christopher Price Posted Yesterday, 03:02 PM

Aldo, any update on how the run went?




As happenened last year, the mill has moved the smelting date to match their production schedule changes. The new smelting date will be about two weeks from now, and the rolling will take a couple more weeks to get done. Aldo thinks he should start shipping around the second week of September at the latest.


Just as an aside if you preordered please remember to send your payment. ;)


If you haven't heard back from Aldo he's trying to go through his e-mail as soon as the multiple rush jobs he has been working on make it through inspections. Believe it or not he really has a day job. His rented mule, that he disguises as a van, keeps needing to see the vet. So everything, business and personal, has been backing up. I keep telling him not to hit that mule quite so hard. :P


Hopefully I got everything right on this update. If not, hopefully Aldo will correct me if he can find the time to get on line.


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Any idea about the shipping prices for the 4 foot lengths?

Aldo ships UPS and price depends on where you are the the country. A good adverage would be $.65 per lb. So that would be about $3.25 per 4' bar.

Don Hanson lll My Webpage

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Thanks guys. I'm in for two bars. Great steel to work with.

Edited by WPeterson

Wes Peterson



Southeast Georgia

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Hey guys,


Just an update since I talked to Aldo last night. He's crazy busy, but this steel is still on the way. There were some unavoidable delays, but rest assured, Aldo is busting his hump to get this done for us all. He also told me that he has something else BIG in the works that will be awesome for us all if he can make it work...



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