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Rifle man set

james G.

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This is my version of a rifle man set.






The blade is made out of coil spring Guard is wrought iron Jipp sent me,I did not have enought time to get it etch so I blued it then heated and then sprayed WD40 on it. The handle is elk the butt cap is plumber solder.


The hawk is a wrought wrap around with 1095 in the center. The handle is curly maple with danise walnut oil and true-oil finish.


The details.

total leng.15 half in.

wide: Little over 1 half.


This is what I worked on most of the summer.

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hey james, that set turned out great, i bet whoever gets it in the kith will cherish them for years to come.. glad you could put the wrought iron to use... one more month and i hope i can get to forgin.. thanks for sharing.



i could complain but who would listen.



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