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For a customer I managed to fnish this knife between forging and hardening other knives. I received two pictures for inspiration on the blade. For the handle he wanted the construction I use for my user knives.

The blade is forged out of 1.2519, has a black gunkote finish, micarta/rubber grip. Blade is tapered to the point and double edged.


ok some piccies:




Pictures I received for blade inspiration. The AF A2 and Dixie gunworks Rio grande camp knife.



Example of the gripconstruction


And the final result…













Greetings Toni




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wow - it seems solid and reliable. If it cuts like it looks, it should be great.



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Very clever handle, full/mortised/through-tang construction all at once, and very stout.

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ohhh excellent. i especially like the handle shape.

jared Z.


lilzee on britishblades.


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nice, Some military guy would like that, looks like a good tool




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