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Tasmanian Eucalyptus Burl and Yellow Box Burl

Wade Hougham

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The first knife handle is Tasmanian Eucalyptus Burl with red spacers and buffalo horn. The blade is 5" of 1084.

My leather guy made the sheath and a matching belt buckle using snake skin.

The second knife handle is YelloBox Burl with white spacers and buffalo horn. The blade is 4 7/8" of 1084.










Jos et löydä rauhaa itsestämme on turhaa etsiä sitä muualta.

If you can not find peace within yourself, it is useless to look elsewhere.

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nice work. I really like the look of the burl woods.

Have you ever thought about the life of steel? It's interesting to think that you can control the fate of a piece of metal.

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looking good wade, yeah im a sucker for burl.. i really like the stuff that is like falling apart with holes and stuff in it.. just adds so much, yeah i aint perfect but you cross me and ill cut you attitude to a knife :)


thanks for sharing wade, you rock man. :)



i could complain but who would listen.



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