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W-2 Wakizashi in Shira Saya

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Well as my title states it this is Wakizashi in Shira Saya. And along with the fact that it has tried to kill on several instances.


Ok the blade is W-2 and a very lovely W-2 and is OVL of 20 3/4" with a nagasa of 13" and the width is 1 3/8" and the thickness at the mune-machi is 1/4". The hamon is a choji style blending in to a sugha hamon at the kissaki. The boshi is nice and slender and long.


The Shira Saya is Adler wood and it has an undercoat of tung oil to stabalize it a bit and then smoothed and sanded to alow for the min wax.




So here a few pictures of the blade and sheath. Asking $SOLD PM with any questions















Any comments are welcome, and thanks for looking

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your work is so crisp and clean. I realllly like what you did with the blade. It looks quite elegant.

good luck on the sale. Some dude (or dudess) is going to be super lucky


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