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cable kiridashi

Brian Shafer

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This is knife number 5. I can get a hold of more cable than I could ever use in a life time. I welded ( or tried to) a piece about 3 foot long that was about 1 1/8 in diameter. For not really knowing what I was doing the cable turned out pretty good. In the photos I was doing a number of things. Trying out a very improvised light box, trying out a brand new digital camera, and taking a pict of the first knife i thought was good enough to post here. As you can see the bevel is all crooked so I reground the edge. It looks better now but I haven't taken any more pictures. This is my EDC. Hope you like it.kiridashi_1.jpg


For what it is worth, here is a thread on the piece of welded cable. http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?sh...ic=9060&hl=



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cool. i need to get some cable.. i really like the patterns you get from cable.. im a fan of simple open pattern.. nothing real radicall..



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What kind of cable is that and would you be willing to sell some of it?




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