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looking for la tene book

J. Helmes

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hi i'm looking for a book or books which catalogue swords or just any artifact finds of the la tene and halstadt periods.

this is a facinating period of history and the craftmanship of the artifacts is outstanding.

cheers jeff

For la tene, here's a good start:



For Hallstatt swords, I don't know of a good catalog for them. There are various Hallstatt swords in the Prahistorische Bronze Funde series (http://www.antikmakler.de/catalog/index.php/cPath/24_43_47), though these only include the bronze swords (Gundlingen mostly, a few bronze Mindelheim swords here and there).

Jeroen Zuiderwijk

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/barbarianmetalworking

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Behmer’s “Das zweischneidige Schwert der germanischen Völkerwanderungszeit” has a few plates of late Celtic period stuff.


The Historiska Museet search page has a bunch of cool stuff, select 'Vapen...' in 'Föremålskategori:' and then down near the bottom in 'Datering:' select 'Från:' Yngre bronsålder & 'Till:' Aldre Jernålder, click on "sok" to see the pics.


Jomsvikingar Raða Ja!


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