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Hello all,


I am new to forging and new to this forum. I was at a large gathering one weekend and saw a guy with a small homemade gas forge. After returning home, I went to our local scrap metal dealer and got an 18 inch long piece of 12 inch diameter water pipe from an aircraft carrier. Anyhow, I took the pipe and welded it onto a piece of u channel and left about 9 inches of channel sticking out for a shelf in the front of the forge. I welded a 1 and a half inch pipe to the side with a 90 degree bend and a gas fitting attached to the side of the pipe. I am using a shop vac for air and actually need to put a valve inline because it pushes too much air through the forge and puts it out. Anyway, me and my son fired it up and it worked. I am getting ready to put an inch of KAOwool and a couple of sacrificial bricks in the bottom. I had a local propane shop make me a fitting so I can hook it up to one of my camping hoses that I attach to my cook stove. The whole thing cost me about 40 bucks to build, minus the cost of the gas tank and insulation.


Anyone have any suggestions that I haven't thought of???



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Use the search function and you can find more than you want to know about building forges. Here's a link to one topic Links to Forge Plans that has more links within the thread.


Good Luck, this stuff is addicting! :D


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