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Katana quenching video

Ulrich Hennicke

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Thanks for the link, Ulrich. I have seen the part where the sword smith quenches the blade but I hadn't seen the full video before. I like the the was that he was splashing water on the anvil while the billet was being drawn out. The Public Broadcasting System here in the US had show on the Nova program about the samuri sword and they stated that the featured sword master had a 25% failure rate when quenching. Seeing the contortions that the blade goes through in the tank it's surprising that any make it out whole.


Doug Lester

HELP...I'm a twenty year old trapped in the body of an old man!!!

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Wow! Theoretical part was known, but to see the blade warp that much - gives me the shivers :)

I guess Doug is right - 25% seems just a fair amount of failure.... I can imagine my 99,7% of blades going to hell in that water tank :)


Thanks for posting chum!





Knifemaker, Germany

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I appreciate the show. I had never seen a blade pull that hard both directions. Wonder he gets by with 25%..


Thanks for the link.


chuck bennett

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