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Moroha Tanto W-1

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Well I forged this little blade about a week ago and I finnally got it draw filled and ready for heat treat. I used Rutlands Black Furnace Cement, and this stuff works really well. Sticks well and stays put.


The steel is W-1 and the OVL is 14 1/2" with a nagasa of 9 1/2" and the nakago is 5" The blade is 1 1/4 at the mune-machi tapering out to the point. Putting the edge on this blade and trying to polish it the traditional way will prove to be a very interesting experience.


I have some images here for you to look at.



































Any comments are most welcome


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Oh do not worry guys I will polish it soon enough. I just wanted to show the blade off I will have more images later this week as I polish the blade more.

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ARGH! Gorgeous! Wow!

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Awesome work John.

I've been planning to do a Moroha Zukuri a long time, I really like the more "exotic" Sugata.


Any pics of the clay layout? It would be interesting to see the Rutlands on the blade.


I can't wait to see it all polished up. Do you have any plans for Koshirae?


Thanks for sharing. :D

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Thanks guys I try.


The polishing is coming along, rather slow but coming along as I have four blades to polish two for JPH and two for me. The blades for JPH is one Naginata and a Wakizashi.


Myself the tanto is raises some issues in polishing and sharpening as I will have two edges to conend with. So I will most likely post a thread about almost loosing a finger.

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Yeah tell me about slicing your hand...I tell ya folks..this stuff is tricky..you get your head up your hiennie for 1/10th of a second and these things know it and they bite you good...


I got it a few days ago...


That tanto looks great John...just be careful when you polish..I am still typing with one hand for the next few days



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Well here is an update. I have been using my 220 grit synthetic stone, even though I am getting a set of natural stones by Monday.


I am atleast setting the foundation for the blade. Also I am looking for flaws or cracks, and there are none that I am able to see at this grit.


So here are a few images of the blade at 220 grit. At the Ha-machi where the mune is, I had taken just a little to much when making the natch there so I now need to buy some copper that is 3/16" thick for the habaki. More to follow.
























Comments are most welcomed

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john - that is a really nice blade. can't wait to see you fit it out.


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