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Plastic backing

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I've been told when using mammoth tooth or pearl for folder handles its best to glue spacer material to it as a backing. Well the spacer material from knife supply places is .030 thick. that's almost a third the thickness of the handle material. I've been trying to find a plastic in different colors that's .010 or less with no avail. I can find colored plastic shim stock, but its color coded, so each color is a different thickness. Does anyone know where I can get a spacer material that comes in different colors that under .010 thick. I thought plastic would be good, but I'm not having any luck finding anything under 1/32" thick. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Tony G

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PopsSuply has black and red in .10 size. If you have it available on the thicker stuff , glue the spacer to the handle material, flip it over and mill the spacer down to the size you want it.

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Plastic coffee can lids or similar work well for spacer/liner material. Rough it up a bit w/ 120 grit so the epoxy sticks better.




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