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your ultimate short sword

Sam Salvati

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Unarmoured, I'd go with a Kissaki Moroha Zukuri Wakizashi (double edged tip) or a large Yoroidoshi Tanto (armour piercing) against armour.

Marius A. Bacher


"To learn and not think over what you have learned is perfectly useless. To think without having learned is dangerous." - Gore Vidal

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what do you think I should choose?


a "certain" Merovingian saex, made by Petr...of course !!! :lol:

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Hmmm... What would be considered short? Can we do a comparison? If so I'd like a full size Katana compared to that temple sword that was posted awhile back. :D


Anyway... I'd have to go with a Wakazashi or a Gladius...

Knife Prayer by Morris Herring

"Heavenly Father, Thank you for my Knife Family. Help me, that they would see Jesus in me.

Forge me into a caring person that would be a good witness. Sharpen me, to cut all sin from my life.

Guard me, from saying the wrong thing, that I might not offend or hurt someone's feelings and lose my witness to them.

Father, let me be able to Handle all trials and tribulations that come my way.

Finally, Father, let me help Sheathe lost souls into your Fold. Father, let me use my craft to be a witness and to point the way that the unsaved might follow our Glorious Jesus.


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Actually I really like the sword Michael Rader made for me.

Oh, info: San Mai construction pattern welded with 52100 core, can be fully disassembled.

Blade is 23" from guard to tip.


Sorry about picture size.

They are now resized, but I do not see any way to replace them with smaller ones.

Please advise.



MIA Dha.jpg

MIA Dha 2.jpg

Edited by Sam D.
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