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First successful water quench

Geoff Keyes

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I was out fussing in the shop today, changed some outlets, swept the floors, cleaned a bench, that kind of stuff. I decided to relocate the HT forge to give me a bit more room in the forging area (how is it that a 25 x 25 space suddenly seems cramped? :blink: ). Since I was doing that, I decided to re-build the front of the forge, which was pretty crude, and since I was at it I installed the pyrometer that has been sitting on the bench for a long time. Once that was was done, well, I had to fire her up and see how it worked, didn't I? I was able to get it dialed into 1550F by running it at just under a pound of line pressure and the needle valves just barely cracked. The only reason you can tell it's running is that it's red inside, hardly any burner noise. So I thought, well, I've got two pieces that need to be HT'd, and the forge is hot, no reason to waste the heat.


One piece is a ladder damascus dagger, 11 1/2 OL x 1 1/4 W, the other is a test piece of Don Hanson's W2, an 8 inch razor back fighter. I clayed the fighter, normalized the the dagger and oil quenched it, then I did a carefully normalize on the fighter, soaked it at 1525 for 5-7 minutes and (with a quick prayer to the Bladesmith gods) quenched in 130 degree water. It came out dead straight, NO TINK!


I think I should have installed the pyrometer a long time ago, I think I have been HT probably 150-200 degrees too hot. Aside from the thermal lag, I can dial right into just about any temp I want from 1400 to 2000 F.


WIP pics to follow, though I have to go do my public duty (Jury Duty) this week, so I may not get too much time in the shop.


Thanks for listening



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I said that.


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So, just for the record: the fact that it does work still should not be taken as definitive proof that you are not crazy.


Grant Sarver

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sounds like my day goal take photo of knife to put on new auction site no room cleen room stop to fix leaking tub focet get that done finish making room for photo setup take photo list on site most of my day just to take 4 photos


only been putting off a good spot for photo work for um like 2 years now :)

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Gongrats:). Before I got some oil which was just recently I did all of my quenches in cold water. I was so excited when I finally got some old motor oil from changing the oil in my dads suburban.

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