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Forged Combat

Serge Panchenko

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Hey guys, I've had the design for this knife laying around for a while and finally made it today. The original design had a recurve blade but after trying to grind one earlier, I decided to go with a straight edge. Those recurves are a pita to grind! Ground from 1 1/2" 1/8" thick 1080, handle is maple. Overall length is 8" with a 3 1/2" blade.








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Very nice, Serge! I like it very much. I've always liked your style, very distinct. :)


As I understand "combat" or fighting knives the only suggestion I might offer is a bit of texturing on the handle for a secure grip when things get, uhm, slippery. And in terms of "knife theory", a point that remains neutrally along the centerline of the knife wether the knife is held, hammer or ice-pick grip or reverse of either...but this will get the job done for sure, theory or no theory. :D

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I really like this one. I like all of your stuff, but this (or the dagger) is my favorite. I may have to immitate some of the shape of this one in something soon. I really think it would be effective. I do understand (now) about grinding the recurve.


How is the balance on this? I can't tell if there is enough distal taper to place the balance back closer to the guard. Or, is it a little more of a chopper, with the balance forward?


Great work.



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As always, an impressive knife. I'm partial to the look of maple on most knives and this is no exception. Once again....great work!

Have you ever thought about the life of steel? It's interesting to think that you can control the fate of a piece of metal.

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