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Do Zombies Dream of Rotting Sheep?

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…yes that seems to do it…allright.


I still can´t believe what happened here, they came out of nowhere… we were overrun….hundreds…thousand… .men, women, children even - all thirsting for blood, slaughtering amongst the innocent – this is insane – those who still could ran for their lives, leaving behind the weak like meat on a dinnertable. It´s just a few of us left here trying to defend them... I don´t know if we can hold out much longer…

This is nothing like the movies - fast cunning bastards, they communicate, they even hunt in packs this is a nightmare!

We´ve got to find a way for transport to get people out of here…I´ll report back as soon as possible……

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I'm always amazed that people find time to construct similes in their first and maybe last panicked broadcasts.



I see this as more of a testament to a dauntless spirit.


it is far too easy to succumb to your grief and sorrow and become bitter and critical,

it takes more substance and character to hope there is a future and want to make it brighter..... even if that is merely by the inclusion of some words on a screen.



Christoph, i for one, am pleased that you replied, though not so happy of your current situation.

keep that spirit, im sure it will serve you well.

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sick tutorial dee! ^_^:ph34r:


i love/hate/fear zombie stuff. its the one "mythical" creature that legitimately freaks me the hell out. probably because i can see it happening. rabies on steroids. :blink:


that said, i keep a 3.5ft sharpened crowbar next to my forge, which is outside, next to some dense woods, and i usually forge at night. i always see zombies out of the corner of my vision, but they turn into cats or birds when i look at them properly. :huh:


i'm always on the lookout...


glad to see more people are aware of the threat and know how to deal with it.

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Hi…it´s me again. I too am so happy you replied, Dee – we don´t get many news around here – radio is dead. Thanks for your considerate thoughts on this issue, we were finally able to calm down a bit and sort things out.

Still I think we´re trapped…It´s been four days now and no signs of a change in situation.

We managed to build up somekind of safety by gathering everybody inside a small house close by and barring all windows and doors - but water is getting short and it´s freezing cold outside, sanitation is an issue as well. Seems all water and electricity have been shut off – who knows how and why…All we have are a few car-batteries we salvaged on our retreat to give some light and keep up the connection to you guys. We´ve run out of stuff to burn just two hours ago – lucky for us this place is packed with people so it´s kind of self-heating.

Out of twentyeight people here only four of us (me included) are able to run - the rest is either wounded, too old or too young to put up with the situation…we´ve got to get somewhere else, where we can have supplies, both medical and food and safety…maybe get some rest as well…



Toxonix… Similes? You kiddin? You haven´t seen little red ridinghood ropeskipping with the intestines of what could have been one of your loved ones, or one of your pals hung up on a tree like a pinjatta, beaten to death with his own limbs by some half-rotten zombie boyscouts.

This here is the carnival of corpses! IN ZOMBIE DISNEYLAND THE FREAKSHOW IS WATCHING YOU, man…seriously…similes…dammit…tsss






[disclaimer] the lines written by me in this thread are purely fictional, and not to be used as a measurement to the authors mental fitness, nor to be seen as an insult to any living (or undead) creature [/disclaimer]

Edited by Christoph Alpermann
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If they can't run they get left behind. The tribe needs strong, healthy young blood to rebuild. I prefer blunt weapons for Z's. No way a mace can get stuck in them, anything hit is crushed, and just about antthing can work! Should have made that damascus crowbar/mace/ax like I always wanted tho. But there will be time to forge later. Now, to the destruction of everything Z'ified.

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Glad you found a base Dee. I hear you about the dogs! mostly it's coyotes around here, but the rabbits are the worst, zombie bitten snowshoe hares, you just don't want to be outside when they're around, you can't outrun them and they are really Quite demented. we're OK for now with the wall built, but I'm worried about next spring when the ground thaws they may start burrowing!


Nothing a few holy hand grenades of Antioch won't fix.

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Is there a blade attached to this somewhere? Or am I just missing something?

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I'm against being holed up, but it sure as hell beats being Out There and full of holes. If you do happen to be out and about, I recommend wearing high strength, durable clothing. There is no such thing as z. proof, but there are ways of protecting yourself from getting chewed. Some folks swear by armor made from car tires. This is overkill, unless of course you are expecting bears. I recommend abrasion and puncture resistant cloth like 1050 denier nylon. Leather is also fine for reinforcing areas like elbows and knees. It would take a good amount of chewing to get through ballistic nylon. There are many sources of this material depending on your location. Of course, you can find any number of corpses in riot gear or similar LE/military equipment. This WOULD be the easiest way to get protective clothing, but unfortunately most of this has been scavenged already. Racing and motorcycle suits are the next obvious choice, but someone else already thought of that. Now the best alternate sources for this material are luggage (backpacks etc), airbags, fire hoses, conveyor belts, sails, and life rafts. So if you venture out there for any reason, make sure to pick some up. Just leave some for the next guy.

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Pish, Just put on hockey equipment and I'm good to go! Course I live in Canada so I can -use- my skates in my winter defence! :P Can play some pond hockey with their heads!

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whats the point of a helmet against zombies? zombies dont bite your head, they bite everywhere else. plus helmets cut down your visibility.


also, if you have long hair, cut it. or at least pull it back. the same goes with beards. theyre just convenient handles for zombies to grab on to. same with baggy clothing, if you do wear some kind of armor, make sure it's pretty close fitting. otherwise mr.zombie can get a nice handful of your shirt. and they have a strong grip.

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Dee..... Hope things go well in the new spot and we get to see a blade soon. Take care.



By the way..... Did you know you've got red on you?

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-DONT rush a girl when she is shopping-


Greetings again.

I trust that you are all safe and sound.

I know that it has been a long wait - but, I assure you that the rumours of my zombification are greatly exaggerated.


ive shopped around and scrounged all that i could find to help us through the next part.

but, i did have some issues with the air/bellows thing


i did have thoughts on making a bellows from some leather jackets i had found.

i still think that given enough tweaking, one can make a serviceable set of bellows from a leather jacket... but, as i was looking through other things i figured on an easier machination to huff our flames along.




so... heres some pics and thoughts on some much needed equipment.


First off, we need an anvil.

This should actually be pretty easy to find - as you are just hunting for something that is solid and reasonably flat.

there are more than enough bricks or rocks that suit that description that can be used for an anvil.


if you are forced to use bricks or the like, keep in mind that they arent as resilient as an actual anvil.

they can, and will, break apart.

so, you will need to protect yourself from the potential of flying debris and also make sure that you have enough bricks to last for the forging.


but, im going to use something thats metal.

looking around my base gave me more than enough choice of anvil.




these are the top three.

im going to use the block splitter, but any of these will do.

the main benefit of these types of tools is that you can lay them on the floor and simply putting a foot on the handle and kneeling down allows you to keep the metal part (our anvil) secure and allows for a good position to forge.


Next we come to those stupid bellows ..




All it is, is a plastic milk jug, or fruit juice bottle that has the bottle cut off ... and a small flap that has been cut into the side and pushed in (which i have then edged with some tape from the inside) ... and then a vacuum cleaner hose attached to the top with some more tape ...

oh, and a bucket of water.


i like this design because you can adapt it to whatever you have around ...

two buckets that will fit together ..

two plastic pasta containers ...



the vacuum cleaner tubes are great because the ends tend to be stainless steel ... which will stand up to going into the charcoal of the forge/fire.

once that end is in the fire, all you do is place the jug into the water as shown and just move it up and down in the water.

the quicker you do this, the more air you can feed into the fire.



if you have a permanent base, you could make one with a 44-gal drum and a large bucket that would really kick out some air ...


I scavenged through 3 houses before finding all the 'other' bits that i needed.




from right to left:


sharpening stones.

i couldnt find much in the way of sand paper, and these clogged, old, stones will help a little until i can find some sandpaper that will do what i need.

one thing i did find after these pics were taken was a pack of disposable nail files - which are basically mediumly coarse sand paper.

im planning on using the oil stones for cleaning up the blade and the metal work and leaving the nail files until i start on the handle.



this isnt the best file around, its a little worn, but its all i could find at the moment.

any files that you find are kind of like gold. they are best kept and taken as an investment for the future.

this one didnt have a handle, but after scrounging, you should be able to find something to handle it.

though, after finding some old corn cobs to use from the compost heap, i would recommend them anyday.



a pein hammer is better, but any hammer will do.

hammers are fairly common to find - so its better to spend the time looking and finding one rather than ending up with too many stone tools for the job.


computer hard drive

if you are reading this, then you have access to a great magnet for the heat treating.

personally id leave your computer alone and find another to dismantle.

inside the harddrive there will be a wonderfully strong magnet. (which can be seen in the picture next to the smashed HDD)

some magnets are hidden behind metal plates to protect them, others are just ontop.

all you will need is a screw driver ... or, as i did ... a heavy enough rock.


the large chunk of metal down the bottom of the pic was going to be my anvil as i happened upon whatever it was near where i found my steel ... but, finding a block splitter close to you in more of a chance than finding a hunk of metal like ive lucked out on.


you should also keep in eye out for anything else that might come in handy later on.

while finding these other things, i managed to find a couple possibilities for drills.




cordless drills are your best bet.

they are common and if you are lucky there is enough oomph left in them to do what we need.


if not, try to find something like this




though, oomph with this machine is comparable only to the operator.

older houses will have plenty of these about though.


and drill bits will be scattered all over even a half decent workshop, so you shouldnt find it hard to nab those.

though finding a sharp one might be asking a BIT much.

(pun intended)




steels aint steels.


finding the right steel is key.

you cant just pick up any sort of metal and expect it to produce a fantastic blade.

if you happen to be near an old spring makers - check out the place.

they usually havent been raided too much ... and even if they have been, they usually only take the new steel and leave the older stuff, which will suit us fine..


those of us who arent close to such a gold mine, will have to scrounge a little harder.

springs are still the best bet.

older, and even some newer, cars have good and large springs that will suit our needs.

as do trucks, and some campers, farm equipment, carriages and vans.


its all a matter of just going over and taking a look.

there are more than enough vehicles that have been trashed and destroyed since everything happened... and there are even more just left to rot in the farm fields.





whatever you are do, make sure that you do it smart.

as you are under a machine tinkering, keep an out around you.

you dont want one of those things creeping up and getting your legs while you are pinned and distracted.


What you are looking for is something like this:




the coil springs are good enough steel, but you will have to waste a lot of time trying to uncoil them and then they tend to be too thin to really make the blade that im hoping for.

if you were trying to make a small utility blade, then the coil spring would be fine.


but for a chopper, flat spring is the way to go.


its also long enough that you dont need to mess around with having to find something to hold onto it ..

we can grab one end and work on the other ... and if it gets a little hot, we just need to cool it down with a splash of water.


and there we go.

several days of hunting, scrounging and scavenging and we are about ready to start forging this project.


hopefully its not as hellishly hot for you as it is here.

if forging in the heat, keep in mind that heat stroke is a potential for danger.

if forging in the cold, umm ... i guess - enjoy it ?


playing with fire is next.


stay safe.


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Glad to see the rumors disproven, Dee, and I agree with Richard that you've made a very cool blower--I never would have thought of that, certainly.



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Good to hear you are alive and well Dee!

Love the blower idea, I worry that the hair dryer will alert any beasts lurking in the bush near my smithy, will build myself something similar for sure!

Haha and the 'Z-O MBI' brand drill was a great find! :lol:

Good luck.

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Reading this is way cool. I have always liked the idea of forging from a primative situation. I like what you did about the anvil, tools and especially the blower. That blower idea never occured to me. The brick anvil reference is an out of the box idea and would work as well as a stone hammer if you where really in a bind. Keep it up can't wait to see the result.

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Very inspiring stuff... especially to a beginner with no tools, or forge, or anvil... scavenging is the way forward!

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Dee hasn't checked in lately. You don't think that....the zombies found her.... Do you? :(

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