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Multi bar composite stainless seax

Richard Furrer

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Hello All,

Here is an all stainless composite blade..see drawing for the particulars on what the cross-section is on this blade.

The steels are the proprietary steels from Questek (http://www.questek.com/) which is a first principle design company with strong ties to Northwestern University. Over the years I have forged a bit of this material and done some pattern-welding with it, but this composite was a new venture earlier this year with some students from Team Dragonslayer engineering students from the Mat Sci Dept of Northwestern Univ and Prof Greg Olson.


As a prototype it is what it is..the twists are drawn out a bit too far and the blade proportions are not what I would prefer, but..it welded and forged. (but yes it is a bit on the fugly side, but hey..what does your stainless composite look like eh?))

Some of that starting stock came to be as 3" round bars so there was quite a bit of processing in the beginning.


I am not aware of others doing work like this with stainless, but would like to hear about it if there are. Most stainless I see (other than what Doug Ponzio in Southern Wisconsin is up to with his Turkish) I see is single weld and manipulation..this seax is a true multi stage re-welding.


I could see doing some more complex and longer pieces like this in the future should there be an interest....hey a stainless Bamburgh sword.


I will not comment on how I welded the steels or the chemistry of those steels..sorry.



quest 1.jpg

quest 2.jpg

quest 3.jpg

quest 4.jpg

Richard Furrer

Door County Forgeworks

Sturgeon Bay, WI

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Interesting... Is that as contrasty as it gets? Or is that even etched at all?


Fear not, I have no desire to do stainless, carbon steel is hard enough for me. ;) Plus I spent today making some coppersmithing stake anvils out of 1" square stock by hand, so I'm not up to any more heavy forging for a while. :lol::wacko:

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