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Heat treating using heating elements

Hurl Vreeland

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I was thinking of using these http://www.mcmaster.com/#3540k35/=53ss87 (scroll down to the bendable elements) and molding a cork screw type shape and insulating with kaowool on the OD of the elements. It can go as high as 1700 but I need only 1400 or so.


Coupled with a controller this would seem to work nicely.


Has anyone used or made someting like this?


I would go with a salt bath but it is too much money and time in relation to my limited use.

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I wonder if that would be good for salts....

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Go here tell them what size of furnace you want to build and let them recomend

the ellements you need for what you are doing. Saves a lot of guess work.




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I feel it would work I just wanted to know if anyone has made this before. I was going to wrap the element around a 4" mandrel about a foot long. Wrap about 3 to 4" of Kaowool around that and sheath it with a piece of pipe.


I would be well within the temp range of the elements.



I don't see why it wouldnt work for a salt tank assuming the sheathing for the elements was rated for it. I would have the element coming out of the salt a bit though so you wouldnt get any bubbles.


The salt stuff is out of my realm though so its all a guess.


I just wanted something to use at work that is low profile and I could just plug it in and treat my blades.

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OK, your idea suddenly clicked into place. I think that would work, though you might want to do it as a vertical, since the elements are live (electrically) and you don't want to get zapped. Another issue is the elements sagging and changing length as they heat and cool. Mostly people build a box of fire brick, with the elements channeled into the brick. It's a special purpose kiln, in effect. Dee did a how-to here a while back, a search should turn it up.



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This is what I was looking for:




Rigid, just like an oven and like an oven if metal does contact the element no shorting. No sagging either and not as fragile as the wire element. I wondered if you could heat an element out of an old oven and remold it around an mandrel.


Thanks for all the replies!!

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