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First Bowie

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great work Dirk!

a real master piece...congrats!

see you soon,


have a great year 2010 (also for the "forge d'Ostiches members!) :D

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Man! That's it! I'm going back to forging tent stakes!


Really beautiful work on that one. You should be really proud.

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That is really nice no matter how many you have made.... How come it is your first one? please elaborate.



Hello this is not my first knife but my first Bowie knife ,

I did hasitate a long time befor doing an typycal American knife

you all do them so well! it is part of your culture! it is your roots like the Japanese knifes and

swords are ther culture , for me it is the same difficulty one needs to study a lot beafor biginning,

I would like to make the real stuff and not a look a like, so about the feed back I get from you all I hope to make

next one better , the handel on this knife is a free interpretation of myself , next I hope to bea abel to do a frame handel, will be the first one to , we do not have a lot of them in Europ so this wil be hard to do , as nobody dous it I have no exempel....

Hope you are abel to understand my poor Englisch




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