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Autumn Dagger Update

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a while ago i made a blade with a bronze cast handle and i had plans of making a sheath to go along with it to match the theme....

and to shut a certain skulls mouth.


well, one thing after another came up and around and it always got put on the back burners ...

but, when i got back into things and started by trying to clear my half finished projects ... wellllll ... this one just begged to be done.


so, here be the results:






i had to repolish the stupid thing because just as i finished the sheath and was testing it all out ... i tried to pull the blade from out the sheath and managed to stab myself in the knuckle joint ... which made me drop the stupid thing on the concrete ... which put 3 nice little scratches onto the ricasso ...

looked like a miniature wolverine had attacked the blade. :)


anyhow .. its all polished up and back to scary sharp, so i thought you guys might like to see how it all came together.


the sheath is vege tanned leather with bronze cast fittings.


thanks for looking.


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Hmmm...by "Autumn", are you by any chance referring to the novel by David Moody? Regardless, though, VERY nicely done! The detail is great, and it definitely looks like it belongs on a necromancer's belt



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very nice ,out of the box ,i love it, and stop stabbing yourself LOL it hurts the blade LOL.

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beautiful and impressive! :blink:

a very nice finishing touch!


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wow - that is a good bit of sculpture. I like the whole package.


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thanks guys :)

im really glad you like it.


i love it, and stop stabbing yourself LOL


tell me about it!


lol ... this thing just hungers for blood .. its the second time its bitten me.


referring to the novel by David Moody?


i can safely say ... no.


havent read any of his work.


May I ask how you attached the blade to the handle?


pretty much just like any other knife really.

the bronze was cast with an area that could accept the tang of the knife..

once cast, i clean it up and then the brazed with soft bronze to seal the handle.

then a pin was placed through the skull and the tang thats inside.


the good thing about this kind of construction is that you can make the blade first and then shape the wax model to the shape of the blades tang exactly.

which means that when it all comes out, you just need to clean it up and do a very slight amount of refining to get an exact fit on the piece.



does that answer the question?



thanks again for all the nice comments guys.

always appreciated.

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So here I am, walking along (figuratively) and there's that 'Ol Debil Dee, hidin' in the weeds. Jumps out, scares the *()&*($@&* out of me, says sweetly, "Look at this little doodad I made, 'aint it purty?" Once I get the dirt off my chin, I'll think of something polite to say.


Damn that's nice, love the bird skull.


Grumble, grumble, guess I'll just go make a kitchen knife or something.


Thanks Dee, very "purty",



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Another winner :D you just keep them comming. I always look forward to seeing what

you will come up with next.



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