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Greetings from a complete beginner

James W

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Hello all, just thought I'd quickly introduce myself, I'm completely new to the world of bladesmithing but have taken the first steps recently by going on an introductory bladesmithing course run by Owen Bush - which I really enjoyed, I learnt a great deal and have definately been inspired to continue to learn... I don't have a workshop yet, or even any tools, but there is a space at the bottom of the garden just waiting for a forge to be built there...


Here's a snap of the first two blades I've made (with some help from Owen!)




I went a bit overboard with some bad hammering on the second one, it started off with more of a leaf-shape, but the edges got too thin with over-hammering so it's ended up smaller and with a more angular shape... and those surface marks are pretty deep... still, it's all learning - and I do like learning new things... and these forums contain an absolute wealth of information and some amazing things in the show and tell sections...


Looking forward to being part of this community and getting to know you all,


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Thank you all for the greetings and encouraging words - I've spent the past few days mostly in bed with a real stinker of a cold/flu type thing, so thanks for cheering me up!

Hi to Bob and Will - I see you live in Ontario, a beautiful place, I have relatives out there who until recently lived in Ajax(they now live a little further north in Peterborough, sorry, Peterbro')and have been out there four times now... I love the forests and lakes, canoeing and fishing... the smell of Cedarwood... Tim Hortons Iced Cappuccino... I'll be back!

Also Hi to Dee, I had a look at your website - you have some beautiful stuff there, I love Silver and will be going on a Silversmithing/Gem setting class soon, there are quite a few courses available in London at the moment,from short evening classes to full-time degree courses... I'll start with a short intrductory course and see how I get on. I'm all set to do a lot of learning this year, and can hardly wait to start building a workspace at the bottom of the garden... which may be a while seeing as Britain is currently in the grip of the coldest winter ever... roll on spring!

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