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Hunting Sword

Jeff Pringle

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jeff,man i love your work! amazing lines!!would love ta dispatch a boar or stag with that thing!!

All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart,and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life's heart...

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Nice work.

Ben Potter Bladesmith



It's not that I would trade my lot

Or any other man's,

Nor that I will be ashamed

Of my work torn hands-


For I have chosen the path I tread

Knowing it would be steep,

And I will take the joys thereof

And the consequences reap.

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Holy "!" Well that hits all the right nerves with me Jeff! I've always liked hunting swords and hangers and you outdid yourself on this one.

Guy Thomas

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Wow!! That thing is AWESOME!!

Would we be able to get a weight and balance point by any chance?

Thanks heaps for sharing!

Josh Forrest


Persistence is to the character of man as carbon is to steel.

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Diddo to Dee's comment. And add a fantastic.





God bless you. I thank God every day for the freedom to spend time with those I love, and time to pursue this craft.


"Adversity is a test for strong men."

"What one man can do, so can another."

"NO excuses, just do better next time."

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Jeff, good to see another blade of yours, starting to get a feel for your style.

Let not the swords of good and free men be reforged into plowshares, but may they rest in a place of honor; ready, well oiled and God willing unused. For if the price of peace becomes licking the boots of tyrants, then "To Arms!" I say, and may the fortunes of war smile upon patriots

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new take on a classic, superbly done. i think the piercings on the ends of the guard are my fave bit, never seen them done quite like that :)

"Whats the point of women? I've got knives, they're just as pretty and I don't need to buy them dinner to get them out of their sheath"


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Thanks everyone! :D

It is pretty light, 770 grams or about 1 & 2/3rds pounds, considering the light weight and short length I didn’t put in very much distal taper so it would have some blade presence, the balance point ended up 14 cm or 5.5 inches in front of the guard. Holding it by the grip only, it feels like a major chopper :) If you choke up on the hilt and use the finger ring it feels more like a normal sword, pretty cool. B)

Yes, Alan, the beading took a while, I was regretting picking such a tiny punch to do the work :wacko: but I like how it ended up. Forging the guard and backstrap was the most interesting part of the hilt work.

Hey Ted! Yes, it is rayskin, very grippy stuff! In overall size and shape it is based on the European hangers of the 17th century, though there is more than a little Islamic influence on the blade geometry and some of the crossguard details reference 15th century Italian and Spanish hilts.


OAL 71cm

Blade L 58 cm W 3.5 cm T 5 mm

Balance point 14 cm/ 5.5”

Weight 770 g/ 1.65 lb

Jomsvikingar Raða Ja!


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