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Anyang 88 2 piece power hammer

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I have a Anyang 88 2 piece hammer that has never been used came with a 3 phase motor and I never got around to putting it together with a 1 phase.

I would take $7500 for it... new I think it's about $10000.


Bill Johnson

North East Ohio

I can deliver for a reasonable fee.



This may help about the Anyang hammer


ArtWerkz... This is James Johnson. I am the distributor of Anyang in North America and am also a full time blacksmith. I have been using the Anyang hammers since 2003 in creating my work (you can check it out at http://www.johnsonmetalsmithing.com). There is no way that I would try to sell these hammers if there were problems with them. I have always gone way out of my way to help anybody that has a power hammer whether it is an Anyang or not. If you (or anybody out there) who has a problem with their Anyang, please have them contact me. Before I sell any hammer, I set them up and run them to make sure they are 100%. That is not to say that there cannot be a problem with any mechanical device but I carry spare parts and always make sure that the hammer is operational. Having said that, for all of the hammers that I have sold, there have been virtually no problems. Again, if there are any Anyang owners who are having problems, I need to know about the problem and I will get it fixed... but so far, I have not heard of any problems from Anyang owners.

On another note, I have been to the Anyang factories. Anyang is the largest power hammer manufacturer in the world. They are a huge company... they have over 160 design engineers on staff... If I have a question, I work with the factory to get my answers. If anybody is interested, I could post some pictures of the original factory. Several months ago, they moved into a new set of factories. Rest assured, this is not a small or sloppy operation. They have CNC machinery, use many of their forging hammers and presses in making their own product. You can check out more about the hammers at http://www.anyangusa.net.'>http://www.anyangusa.net. I would be very interested in hearing from Anyang hammer owners. My number is 940 6274529



James R. Johnson



a h 1.jpg

a h 2.jpg

a h 3.jpg

a h 4.jpg

a h 5.jpg

a h 6.jpg

a h 7.jpg

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