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carved and inlayed

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It's been a long haul lately having my insides chopped up, and soon to be pieced back together, but I finally finished this knife for a very patient customer. The wire inlay job did not turn out as well as I'd hoped, and I've got another order coming up using ALOT of solid 24ct wire, so My game had better improve as waste wire will get expensive. This blade is 440 layers of 1084&15n20, guard is n/s, handle is walnut. Wes


patients 003.JPG

patients 007.JPG

patients 009.JPG

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Although the package as a whole is very nice ,I'm particularly fond of the carving!




I agree!


I especially like how the wire inlay compliments the carving and I love the angled ricasso shoulder.



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Son of a !!!!!!! :ph34r:


I can tell you build rifles as well, that's some fine work, Wes. Best of luck on your recovery, that has to be a drag. :( It doesn't seem to have affected your work, though!

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Didn't come out the way you hoped! What were you hoping for? That handle absolutely rocks the house. If there's anything wrong with it I can't see it.


Doug Lester

Well,,,the wire could be blended much better, and I've done much better in the past, and my tapering could have been better too, and I usually do a better job at my finishing and definition of the carving. The reason I let it go too soon is because the customer was insisting on it since he had waited long enough due to my surgery and recovery time. Wes

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