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This FOLDING DAGGER is realy something special for me, its a flipper, a dagger, a new stop pin place; for me new; and a new design.

The blade is a 400 layer high damascus, one frameside is damascus the other 6AL4V, spacer and stop pin are also from damascus.


There is one cutting ege on the blade the upper side is not sharp.



Bladelength: 92mm/ 3,62inch

Thickness : 4mm/ 0,16

Over A : 208mm/ 8,19 inch


Thanks for looking :D

IMG_0040_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

IMG_0043_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

IMG_0046_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

IMG_0050_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

IMG_0056_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

IMG_0059_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

IMG_0062_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

IMG_0063_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

IMG_0064_Bildgröße ändern.JPG

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That's my favorite folder from you I have seen, fantastic fitting, Uli! B)


I really like how the blade is completely hidden when closed, and the stop pin doubles as a thumb stud.

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Very nice, that is the first double edges folder I have ever seen that I liked.

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That pin placement is unique. At least I have not seen it before. Is this your idea or has it been done before. Hard to do something new these days.


Genius, so simple, so symmetrical, creative.


Not to mention the workmanship. I can't tell you how much i like that design.

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