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Oyster Knife


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This is an oyster knife I made to be auctioned off in Delaware for a fallen policeman's family. The steel is from a very large pry bar that i've made a few other things out of and really like. I think its something like 1060. Its about 1" dia...which nearly kills me to work down with my little 2lb hammer. :) The blade is actually differentially hardened, but I didn't have time to try and bring out the hamon since I only had a couple weeks to work on this. IF you turn the blade and look at it just right, you can still see it. Pins are brass. Scales are cocobolo.


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Speaking as someone who grew up around the Chesapeake Bay, that will shuck a lot of oysters. Fine job and a great cause!

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That's pretty wood. Always cool to see something a little different on here. Hope it brings a good price for the family of the officer.

Check out Walter's instructional videos:

Forging Japanese Style Blades

Making Hamons

Japanese Sword Mounting


Making Japanese Sword Fittings

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