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Knife for a soldier

Kenon Rain.

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Here's a knife and its sheath made for a soldier. I'm sending him photo's, so I figured I would post them here as well.


the handle is leather wrapped with parachord, steel is aldo's 1084, its differently heat treated, and wound up with a puzzle of a hamon.. Let me know if you can figure it out, cuz I cant.. it was coated just like any other.


but anyway, its stout, and sold :) Let me know what you think








in hand, and a good hamon shot





in its sheath..




and the back of the sheath, set up so he could lash it to his gear, which I guess has lateral webbing.



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Looks good. I bet it chops like nobody's business. :)

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Kenon- That looks great! I know he'll like it. I also like the sheath. Did you make the sheath as well?

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Very nicely done, Kenon--the curve is very elegant. Props on your stitching, too--nice and straight on both sides.



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great shape, I love the lines


my guess on the hamon would be that you had just a tad bit to much heat, I've found that Aldo's 1084 really likes to through harden if your heat gets up around 1500.


several extra sub-critical normalizes help lower the hardenability also which leads to nicely defined hamon, otherwise you won't get much of any Ashi.

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