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Mokume Crosses and Hearts

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I had these ones on order for a while and I've finally got to make them and I gotta tell you... I'm really happy how they turned out!


Mokume is stainless steel (304) and brass.


Mokume Crosses

Big one: 35 mm (1.38") wide, 47 mm (1.85") long. 9 mm thick (0.35") It weights 50 grams.

Smaller ones: 31 mm (1.22") wide, 42 mm (1.65") long. 8 mm thick (0.31") They weight 40 grams.





Mokume Heart Pendants

31 mm (1.22") diameter. 3 mm thick (0.12") They weight 13 grams.







More pictures on my website:




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Thanks for looking!




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