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Mizzou vs. Bubble Alumina?

Philip West

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Ive heard both are great to coat the floor of a forge with but do you have a preference between Mizzou and bubble alumina for a flux resistant floor coating?

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isnt mizzou a castable?


I use a castable refractory, kastolite, with a coating of satanite than itc100. but bubble alumina is a coating that I guess out performs itc and satanite.. so you could use it over the castable instead.


They are both castible refractories and very similar in appearance. neither one will out perform ITC as a heat reflector but both are better at resisting flux. I cannot tell any differance in their ability to resist flux and as a floor coating they work very well but are not as good an insulator as kaowool for forge bodies. One of the best working forges I have seen lately is made by Dave Lische in Seattle. He uses a 1 inch thick blanket of kaowool soaked in mizzou and moulded into the shell then uses a half brick for the floor, again coated in mizzou. With a single venturi burner it will reach welding temp easily and nearly melt steel.

Bill Burke

ABS Master Smith

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