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Big Bowie and Damascus Knife

John Martin

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30 Layer twist 1095 & 15n20. 7" overall, 1/8" thick, 1 1/4" wide. Handle material is like micarta, but used for counter tops usually.


1060 Steel. 9" Blade, 3/16" thick, 1 1/2" wide, 4" handle. Kydex sheath. Stabalized Burl Handle with forged guard. Comments and criticism welcome!!!







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that grip looks comfy, but Im not sure about the proportions, why did you decide to do that size of blade with the larger handle?

Gnáthamh na hoibre an t-eólas

(Knowledge comes through practice)


Iron is full of impurities that weaken it; through the forging fire, it becomes steel and is transformed into a razor-sharp sword. Human beings develop in the same fashion. - Morihei Ueshiba


my site: http://lfcforgeworks.webs.com/

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