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Bloomers and button reading list

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What books a steel making inclined person should have in his library?






The #1 book is ( my #1 book is), " Metallurgy: The Art of Extracting Metals from Their Ores, and Adapting Them to Various Purposes of Manufacture" 1864 There are two books both are great and free on Google Books.



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“The making, shaping and treating of steel” by James McIntyre Camp & Charles Blaine Francis is a good introduction to ores, slags and metal from an early 20th century perspective, before the technology got really out of hand. The second edition is usually available in the used book market, and is on Google books:


“American Iron 1607-1900” by Robert Gordon is an interesting history of technology.

For the archaeological side, these three are the ones to get:

Buchwald, Vagn Fabritius

Iron and steel in ancient times.

Historisk-filosofiske Skrifter - SH 29 2005.

Det Kgl. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab

Radomir Pleiner

Iron in Archaeology: Early European Blacksmiths

Archeologicky Ustav AV CR Praha 2006

ISBN-13: 978-80-86124-62-9

ISBN-10: 80-86124-62-2

Iron in Archaeology: Early European Smelters

Praha : Archeologický ústav AVČR, 2000.

ISBN 8086124266, 9788086124261

For wootz, Wally Yater’s articles in the Anvil’s Ring and “Persian Steel – the Tanavoli Collection” by Allen & Gilmour have the most useful info... ;)

Jomsvikingar Raða Ja!


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thank you thank you!


just downloaded the PDF of "The making, shaping and treating of steel”


looking forward to other good suggestions

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"Iron Production in Norway during two millenia"

Arne Espelund



Valuable for the translation of the 1782 Ole Evenstad manuscript (details medium bloomery furnace construction and operation)


Two books with collected papers:


Early Iron Production - Archaeology, Technology and Experiments

ed. Lars Norbach



Prehistoric and Medieval Direct Iron Smelting

ed. Lars Norbach



The second two are available from David Browne / Oxbow


If I might be so bold - my own


Experimental Iron Smelting from the Viking Age





I'm assuming there that web based resources are a separate topic?



website: www.warehamforge.ca
Blog : http://warehamforgeblog.blogspot.com
(topics include iron smelting, blacksmithing, Viking Age)

NOTE : Any posted comments may be converted into a future blog article!
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"De Re Metallica", ive got this one one order, i was told it was good. anyone have an opinion on this one?

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American Iron 1607-1900 by robert a. gordon,a good book dealing with smelting,puddling,pig iron blast furnaces,blister and shear steel,crucible steel (and the problems american steel makers had trying to reproduce the steels from sheffield) and on to bessemer.

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