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giraffe bone bowie

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Blade 10.5", some kind of "W's" patterned steel;15N20/1084. OAL 16". Giraffe bone hilt.Full tang w/file work. All damascus fittings.

girrafbonebowie 001.jpg

girrafbonebowie 004.jpg

girrafbonebowie 005.jpg

girrafbonebowie 007.jpg

girrafbonebowie 010.jpg

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jd - very nice overall package. Honestly, I would have never guessed that was giraffe bone. inspirational, as usual. I am always taken aback by the level of fit and finish. Good to see things done this way. thanks for sharing.



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Wonderful knife!


My normal taste does not respond to Bowie knives that strongly. I like a good Bowie naturally, but it has to has that something.

This knife however....



When I pick up a really good knife or sword, my fingers tingle. I get this feeling from just looking at the photos of your knife.


I really appreciate how dimensions and proportions, the scale of file work and pattern in the steel comes together in a way that makes the whole so much more than its parts. I love the way you used the pins for both grip scales, bolster and guard.


Beautiful work and an incredible knife.


Very inspiring.


Now I have to make a Bowie. Any year now...

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Thanks Peter,that's really a compliment coming from a guy who works as finely as you do.

The whole idea of using the rivets on the guard section was to give it strong feeling of solidity, almost like a strong box with metal corners and heavy metal cladding fixed in place with studs.

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