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who has a doggie?

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She actually looks quite a bit like a Jack Russel Terrier. Those dont look like washable markers though, WOW. I think a pit bull might have eaten the child before it got this far....lol

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I think its a bull terrier. Like Spuds Mackinzie. lol In my experience, this breed (pitbulls in general) are only as mean as they are treated. My guy is only 2 years old, and shows absolutely no signs of aggression. Towards dog or humans. I also have a buddy that has a 9 year old red nose. She's a real sweetie!

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I already posted my doggie, but thought I'd post an updated pic. Today mom came home with a "suprise" for Liberty. when we went out to the car and got it, it was a hugomungous smoked bone. so, liberty is now a happy pup :D


(yes, that bone is that big. no, she won't let me take it.


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This is Pandora. We rescued her from an abusive owner. He named her Pandora because he kept her locked in a small dog carrier. Now she is my shop helper. Just a little over 1year old. Great bird dog too. :)



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Toby my Shetland Sheepdog protecting me during a nap.


Brett my Corgi


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your dog reminds me of my old dog, mookie. half shepard half coyote. great dog, he would defend our house from any strager if they were not with my mom or dad. he actually took down a deer with my other old dog, which was pretty crazy. he was only 80lbs! :o too bad he had to be put down. :(

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Radja is our 3 years old Labrador. His colour is chocolate.


Very very good attitude toward everbody and evry other dog. A pearl

He's rather tall for a Labrador. We pay attention so he doesn't get fat. He's after every food opportunity.


Like most of Labradors I guess

He's giving back twice all the love he gets. Not my first dog but the most loving one





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Amigo the wonderdog...1/2 Lab...1/2 shepard...A really great combomachinary 074.jpg


My first dog was a black lab shepard mix. He was a great watch dog and great with kids.



My mother in law breeds Mackenzie River Huskies and she is going to give us one of the two males in the front of the pic. They will ween in three weeks.



The dad that she brought back from Fairbanks AK and purchased directly from Donna Dowling. The pup's blood lines go back to Balto's lineage, the lead dog of the famous sled dog team that took the diphtheria serum from Nenana to Nome.


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Arno the longhaired Dutch shepherd...lap dog and cat buddy.







we have a short hair dutch shepherd rescue......... what you think of calling her a dutch shepherd ???........... "CODY"


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This one's not mine but I couldn't resist posting it just for grins.





That's a bull terrier and they are all like that.

They were called "nanny dogs in England

Here's mine

Her name is Athena and she is anything but the goddess of Wisdom

I also have a German Shepard named Johnny but he moves too much to get a good pic.





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two minpins, all red, both rescue. max is fairly mellow and to smart for his own good, jake is a sociopath and will try to kill any thing that is un familiar to him including the door, the lawnmower clipping bag, the fence, his toys, raccoons, possiums, other dogs, cats, piles of leaves, snow men (no realy), or any thing else that he can reach.

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