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Canada / Ontario - Bloomery Iron Smelting, Darrell Markewitz

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This is an 18 hour plus intensive hands on program, running Friday evening and a long day Saturday.


Students will build a 'short shaft' type small bloomery furnace on Friday, plus prepare ore and charcoal. Starting early Saturday morning, the furnace will be fired, students being guided through the entire ore to bloom process. The resulting bloom will be sectioned and shared between the students.


The workshop takes place at the Wareham Forge, approximately 2 1/2 hours drive NW of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Student enrolment is limited to FOUR - which means a high personal involvement for each!


The instructor is Darrell Markewitz a professional blacksmith since the mid 1980's, who has been passionately involved in experimental iron smelting since 2001. To date he has undertaken over 45 smelts, in Canada, the USA and Denmark. His focus of interest is Early Medieval / Viking Age. To find out more about Darrell's past work in iron smelting see http://www.warehamforge.ca/ironsmelting/index.html



Interested students can get more information on this course from the Wareham Forge web site http://www.warehamforge.ca/TRAINING/smeltcourse/index.html

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