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H.T. Oil


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I have 5 gallons of a Slow H.T. oil I got I think from McMasterCarr. It said it was mineral oil for slower quenching steel. I also have 5 gallons of Brownell's Tough Quench. Both I think has had some used about 2 times and then returned to the 5 gallon buckets. This stuff is between 12 and 15 years old. Is it still any good? The things you find under the work bench. I'm about to H.T. a 5160 blade, and I don't want to use this stuff if there is any question about weather it is any good or not. Should I just get some new Parks AAA ?, When Kelly gets it in? Is the AAA the stuff I want for 5160? Is AAA what it's Called? I will be getting some Parks 50 also, but that's for W2.


Tony G

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A quote from an old Scott MacKenzie post here at Don's:


For the hobbyist, as long as you don't over heat the oil (one pound of parts to one gallon of quenchant), you will get very, very long life. Since the amount of oil is very large compared to the amount of parts in a typical hobbyist setting, and the oil temperature does not rise very much (probably less than 25-50 degrees or so) - you will get very long life - it will probably last you a lifetime, as long as you use a quality oil from the beginning.


Scott's a metallurgist who's the technical guy for quenchants for Houghton. He doesn't seem to think age is a concern. As long as your oil isn't contaminated (I'm mainly thinking of water), I bet it's fine.


I think either oil would work well for 5160, but I haven't used either one myself.

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It should be (data from Scott Mckenzie either here or on SFI) the Brownell's Tough Quench, which is made by Houghton International and is called Houghto-quench "G", will fully quench 1/4" steels like 1084, W2, etc.



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