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Damascus Sgian Dubh set with Diamonds and Greenstone

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Hi All


Here is yet another Sgian Dubh, this one is a little special for my customer, it has 2x 16pt diamonds set in the silver fittings they came out of the engagement ring of his grand mother, the Greenstone symbolizes his fathers New Zealand connection.


Blade, 1095, O1 & 15N20 144 layer

Handle Ebony with sterling silver fittings and a New Zealand Greenstone (nephrite) set in the pommel

Sheath leather with sterling silver fittings.

Total length 7.5 inch, blade 4 inch.








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Thanks for all your great comments guys.



I would be proud to stick that in my sock. Absolutely lovely. It seems like there aren't too many pattern welded sgians out there.


Tate I am working on that one, there must be a lot more of them around these days, at times it seems to me it is the only thing I am making.

Have a look at my link below you will see quite a few more.



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