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John N

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This is the blade I made on the sword course held at Owen Bush's recent course under the guidance of Howard Clark (thanks guys!)


The finish is not quite as rough as the photos would have you believe (lots of the marks are dust, not defects, honest!), but It will get re-polished at some point! Ill put up some better photos of the blade when Ive got some daylight to take them in! Ive a new found respect for folks that make flawless long blades in this style!


Material is 1086v , Ive got another piece of this steel so will have another go at a longer one soon!









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Well done.Looks like you have the temp and soak time nailed.The claying was done properly as the hamon is the correct distance from the edge and beautiful.Did you lose a little of the tip grinding,the reason I ask is the hamon should be a little further back from the tip.All said and done,you should be very proud B)

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Thanks for the nice comments! I didnt loose any of the tip (lost about 12" of the handle end though :rolleyes: )


Im guessing the clay must have been a smidge on the thick side at the tip, as it has obviously hardened differently to the rest (the clay came down to the same level as the rest of the blade, so it must have been its thickness)

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looks really good John. the hamon turned out very nice, and i like the conversion to hira-zukuri. i disagree about the tip - traditionally there were at least a dozen styles of boshi, which can be one of the principle ways of identifying the work of a particular smith and school. i think this would be called a 'small circle' style of boshi - can't remember the japanese name off the top of my head. i'm glad you could salvage this blade.

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I think it came out really good. I am not a japanese sword expert (or any kind of sword expert), but I would be proud if I made that.


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