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Rough Forged Moose With Oak

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Here are my two latest.

Both are rough forged 1084 with moose antler handles, brass butt cap and guard with oak bolsters.

I dyed the larger one that has a 5 5/8" blade and is 10 5/8" long.

The other is all natural and it has a 4 1/8" blade and is 9 1/4" long.

Not sure which way I like best.

Any and all comments are welcome.





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Nice job on both knives Wade. I really like the bigger knife and like the dyed handle. What did you use to dye it with? Love rustic users.



Hey Pat,

Glad you like them. I use potassium pergament to dye bone and antler, when I want a shade of brown. You can really control the depth of the color. Wade

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first of all that looks nothing like a moose :P


secondly good looking blades, I like the rough look it makes it seem more aged

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