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Belgian Hammer-in

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I am currently stationed in Belgium and have the great pleasure of learning to make knives here. I have made some good friends here and I'm even learning a little French. Last weekend we had a hammer in here and it was great fun there were makers from all over. It was a great experiance and I had a blast so I wanted to share some of the pictures sorry if some are a little blurry.




Some of the knives on display.








Work being done at the grinders




Setting up for the cutting competition. This was allot of fun but I did pretty poor. I want to make my own knife for this.




Here is me working on a knife at the grinder



Some work being done during the Damascus demonstration.







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hey Travis!


I see you had a lot of fun with Dirk,Sam,Claude,Jean-François,Gustaaf, Achim, Gudy and the other friends who ware there!

I hope to meet you in Gembloux, next 12, 13 and 14th. of November...

also a lot of demonstrations of forging, metallurgy and around 125 knifemakers...

see you soon :D

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Hello Travis

Thanks for posting this pictures of my hammer-in, I agree that it was funn

maybe we will have some knifmakers from the USA next jear , I am talking about that whith the American friends

so we will have more nationalety"s ,

for those who are interested it is not a show for selling knives like Gembloux but it is a masterklass for

beginners and those who think thy are not beginners any more ....averybody shows and tells his techniques just to make the pofession go better

see you next jear







Why did jou not come Jaques ? Belgium is not so big

I am shure you have a good reazon

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No problem Dirk, I am just glad I got to be a part. I have learned an incredible amount so far there thanks to you and the others, and it has made this a fun place for me to be stationed.

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sorry Dirk!


but I was on holidays in Turkey... B)

it was a little bit to far to come back for the week end -_-

see you soon, at least in Gembloux!


N.B. : we are also forging and demonstrating in Gembloux :rolleyes:

but I know your hammer-in was a big one and I hope to go next time....

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This was a great hammer-in!

Thanks for having us Dirk.


Travis, when you start practicing for the competition, start on the 2x4.... :rolleyes:


I have lots of room to improve that for sure. :D

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Hey, Dirk. What was that big, furry creature next to the grinder that looked like it was ready to attack Claude? :D


Helo how are jou ? hope jou sell as musch of jour butifull bowies as thare are stars in the sky

and Claude did survive the attack of the Wookie


see you soon



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