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anvil identification

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Hello - I'm wondering if someone might be able to help me with identifying this old anvil. The only markings /writing I could find was the number ''10'' near the base...



Any help would be much appreciated...



Thanks in advance...




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Is there an eagle and an anchor on one side? if so it looks like a fisher norris to me. Does it ring at all? if it doesn't then it is definatley a fisher, since they have tool steel faces and cast iron bodies. they are great little work horse though.

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MY opinion is that early Fishers have a few ID characteristics. They were usually cast with an Eagle w/ Anchor, but those sold to the Southern US around the Civil War ommitted this for political reasons.


However, there is a swelling below the heel ("A" in photo) This may not be on all, just the larger ones.

In addition to some standard-looking square handling holes, there is a round hole below the heel that should align with the tip of the horn ("B") this was used to hold and rotate the anvil when grinding the horn. Postman's AIA shows the Fisher patent drawing for this process, and I have observed this hole in a few Fishers.


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