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War Button

Stephen Stumbo

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On a different forum I saw something along these lines, and I liked the idea a lot, so I made one myself.


The pocket is made of rawhide (dollar tree dog bone), the handle is made of packaging twine I got at lowes (I think it was sisal) braided together. Thinking ahead (Odd for me to do) I put the handle running all through the pocket, that way it won't rip off when being swung. As for use, there was a large discussion on it over at paleoplanet.net, and although no conclusion was reached, my thought is that it was used to silently take people out, a thunk on the head would take someone out. Also, it might have been used in conjunction with a knife or hawk, reach out with it and knowck or pull the other persons weapon out of their hand. Any thoughts?


Oh, BTW, I gave it that dark mottled brown by rubbing in cocoa powder before it dried, then rinsing it out. Gave it a neat look (IMHO).


Here's the pic.


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i think its safe to say this is the first time anyone has ever used chocolate to kill someone barring anaphylaxis. nice work lol.

"Whats the point of women? I've got knives, they're just as pretty and I don't need to buy them dinner to get them out of their sheath"


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