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Isaiah Lake

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Greetings one and all,


First, thank you for the vast wealth of information. I have been reading posts here for awhile, first as a guest now as a user. I'm Jason. I've been mucking about on my forge for a few years on and off. I've even managed to finish a few knives. I figured the forge thread was as good as any for an introduction. So, here is my forge:


It started out as a break drum forge, then I modified it as I used it more and more with refractory cement, fire bricks and eventually ended up in this configuration. The top is a cookie sheet with a hole punched into the center where the break drum is. The U channel and C clamps were going to be temporary while I added the refractory cement. but they work really well so I left them in place. The cement fills in all the space between the cookie sheet and drum and helps tie everything together. I think the fire pot might be a bit shallow, but I have been successful in welding up chainsaw blades, files, and anything else I can get my mitts on. I really like welding up chain. I use a $10 hair drier with a "cool" setting for my blower. So far I've had many issues getting the mix just right, but I recently installed rheostat. I can now fine tune the air flow and use it as a foot switch to turn of the air when I pull the work out of the forge.


For the longest time my forge was outside in direct sunlight. My shed is a recent addition, as in last December. this will be the first time I've used an indoor forge for welding.

forge inside shed resize .jpeg

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Guest stuartthesmith

Stuart's Shop

1. forge 1

2. forge 2

3. 700 lb. hay budden

4. 400 lb. Fisher

5. 150 lb. williams and white triphammer

6. 75 lb. Bradley triphammer







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Nice forges guys! here's mine just a 5 gal trash can with 2 inches of kao wool coated with satanite and ITC-100, home made 3/4 inch venturie burner. yes it will weld!!





A bad day forging... is still better than pretty much anything else

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