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sandblasting prep for pw


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Does anyone have any experience with sandblasting surfaces as a prep for forge welding?




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I've wondered the same thing as opposed to grinding. I'll be following your thread to see what those with experience say.





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I was under the impression that grinding the surface prior to forge welding has several advantages over sand blasting. First off you are creating tiny "grooves" for flux to travel in and OUT of of when you do your initial weld, also if there is a divot or depression you can spot it easier when grinding then when blasting, which could trap flux and give you a failed spot....


I've found grinding is faster and easier, but just my experience. But for scale removal, yes, a good sandblaster will do great for cutting back on abrasives and that awesome black dust that coats everything.

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ive done good welds with bar as is from the supplier i did grind the rust off one piece but welded up the rest as is so sand blasting may be a bit over the top

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